A Style Guide: The South in the Summer

While summer provides a perfect opportunity to return some energy to your wardrobe, business travel during the summer months can require a more muted style. As with all summer travel, your comfort starts with the basics. This is especially true when you’re running to a clients office in 95 degree heat. So, whether you’re traveling to Houston for an oil and gas conference, New Orleans for a client meeting, or Charleston to deliver a proposal , it is essential that you pack the right wardrobe. If you choose the wrong underwear or socks, no linen blend coat or breathable pants will be able to save you from sweating the moment you step out of the airport.


Second Skin Crew Neck Undershirt by Tommy John $43.00



Creekside Navy Flex Trim Fit Shirt by TailorByrd $52.00


Ludlow Traveler Suit Pant in Italian Wool by J. Crew $198.00


COLLECTION Trim Fit Cotton Dress Shirt by Saks Fifth Avenue $148.00


Striped Wool Suit by Hugo Boss $521.00

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Business Cardholder by Tanner Goods $75.00


Signature Travel Duffle by Frank Clegg $965.00


Metropolitan Commuter by Coach $595.00



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